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    9 photographs, 9 lithographs, 42 x 52 cm, signed and numbered, in a „milk-stone“ white box. Edition of 32 / 8 AP
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„Im Vergänglichen liegt das Ewige.“

Wolfgang Laib

The title of the edition refers to the Navagrahas, the nine planets in Hindu cosmology. Nine figures stand on a square platform, in the middle Surya, the sun, next to him Chandra, the moon. The nine planets are not identical to ours, though they are equal in number. The pictures Wolfgang Laib has taken during his travels, over a period of almost twenty years, have become essential to his life and work. The relationship between drawings and photographs is extremely close and complex. For Laib photographs are like sketches, they provide a record of something that may suddenly crop up again in a drawing years later.

Single Sheet Edition “Die Neun Planeten”

1 lithograph, 42 x 52 cm, signed and numbered.
Edition of 90 / 15 AP

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