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Museum of the Future: Now What?

Rethinking the role of the museum today

Thinking in Thin Air – Anthology of a Decade Engadin Art Talks

Thinking in Thin Air makes it possible to experience the ideas of the artists, architects, and scientists

Museum of the Future

Interviews with artists, architects and curators on how they see the challenges of the museum of the future.

Engadin Art Talks

This volume compiles ideas and projects from well-known artists, architects, designers, filmmakers and researchers on mountainous regions not only in Switzerland, but worldwide.

The Private Museum of the Future

Interviews with artists, architects and curators on how they see the challenges of the museum of the future.
Boris Mikhailov, Tacita Dean

PA 4

For “PA 4″ the artist Tacita Dean invited the photographer Boris Mikhailov to use the oldest known works of representational art – stone carvings – as a starting point for their artistic exchange.

The artist Tacita Dean invites the photographer Boris Mikhailov. With texts by by Amy Cappellazzo and Philip Ursprung.

On the beyond

A conversation between Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and John C. Welchman

An open System meets an open System

A Conversation between Sarah Morris and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Accompanying texts by Roger Avary, Alex Kitnick and Philip Ursprung

This volume documents the ongoing dialogue between the artist Sarah Morris and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

John Baldessari, Naomi Shohan

PA 3

A conversation between John Baldessari and Naomi Shohan, moderated by Amy Cappellazzo.

Jenny Holzer


For the first time, Jenny Holzer is using the medium photography, showing the projections of her popular sentences in public space.

Christopher Wool

Maybe Maybe Not

Christopher Wool treats Polaroids of his paintings as a means of self-scrutiny. In MAYBE MAYBE NOT, he has worked over photocopies of the Polaroids again and again with black and white paint that spills over and beyond the pictures.

Adrian Schiess


The 200 books show sequences of chaanging colours, each of them unique. Adjusting the ink manually during the printing process, Adrian Schiess covered each page of the book evenly with changing colours.

Ugo Rondinone

Hell, Yes!

„I never sleep. I’ve never slept at all. I’ve never had a dream. All of that could be true.“

Style and Scale, or: Do You Have Anxiety?

A Conversation with Ken Adam, Cristina Bechtler, Katharina Fritsch and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Moderated by Bice Curiger

Pictures of Architecture – Architecture of Pictures

A Conversation between Jacques Herzog and Jeff Wall, moderated by Philip Ursprung

Art and Cultural Policy in China

A Conversation between Ai Weiwei, Uli Sigg and Yung Ho Chang, moderated by Peter Pakesch
Olaf Breuning

Queen Mary

On a journey from England to New York on board of the cruiser Queen Mary II Olaf Breuning made 73 drawings. These drawings combine memory and daydream, humour and subversion.

Doug Aitken, Philip Hays

PA 2

The American artist Doug Aitken invites the illustrator Philip Hays.
Texts by: Doug Aitken, David Campany, Philip Kaiser, Mark Wigley.

Jeff Wall, Patrick Faigenbaum

PA 1

Canadian artist Jeff Wall invites the French photographer Patrick Faigenbaum.
Conversation between Patrick Faigenbaum and Jeff Wall, moderated by David Campany.
Texts by: Mark Bolland, David Campany, Georg Kohler.

Art, Fashion and Work for Hire

Thomas Demand, Peter Saville, Hedi Slimane, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Cristina Bechtler in Conversation
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