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    30 photolithographs, 54 x 41 cm, signed and numbered in a beige clothbound box. Edition of 6 + 3 AP
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    CHF 28'000.—
    Single Sheets: CHF 1'800.—

EINDRÜCKE AUS DEM LANDESINNERN (IMPRESSIONS FROM THE INTERIOR) comprises thirty photographs which have been taken by Swiss artists Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg over the past ten years. They give a view of a country that is rural, suburban, magical, mundane, quirky and surreal. The black and white images contrast bricolage with tourist idyll, window display with childrens’ playground, birds with crocodiles. It is the first time that Lutz & Guggisberg have put together their photographs for this large series which gives an essence of the imaginative cosmos of Lutz & Guggisberg.

Single Sheet Edition

Single sheet of ed. 6
photolithograph, 54 x 41 cm, signed and numbered.


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