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    4 x 2 photographs, mounted on aluminium 1 mm, 100 x 50 cm, signed and numbered, in a yellow cloth-bound portfolio. Edition of 12
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For two years Jean-Luc Mylayne observed the great titmouse. With inconceivable patience, he accustomed the bird to his presence until it no longer took note of him. With multi-focal lenses that he made himself, he took pictures of the bird in his natural habitat. In our edition, Jean-Luc Mylayne juxtaposes two pictures. In one, the bird is sitting on a branch close-by, attentively watching what the artist is doing. The artist’s innovative use of multiple focal points produces great visual concentration. In the other picture, the portrait of Mylayne/Mylayne is seen in close-up mirrored in the retina of the bird’s eye. Here, the time-honoured tradition of the self-portrait acquires exceptional intensity and intimacy through the extreme closeness between artist and model.

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