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    15 photographs, 48 x 30.5 cm, each edition in a colour of its very own: black on red, violet on yellow, grey on white, lightblue on white, violet on white, brown on white, black on yellow, brown on lightblue, lightblue on yellow, signed and numbered, in a white cloth-bound box. Edition of 9 / 3 AP
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„I never sleep. I’ve never slept at all. I’ve never had a dream. All of that could be true.“

Ugo Rondinone

The 15 photographs of intense colour – each edition in a colour of its own – show a lonesome woman, walking in a forest. Seemingly aimless she moves between naked, crownless trees in a surreal-synthetic coloured world. The eye follows the woman, from close, from a distance, as she meanders in an endless loop around an empty center.

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